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Hi, I’m Lindsey! I’m a queer travel writer and essayist. I write about money and the things I like to spend it on–food and travel–from a perspective that centers LGBTQ voices. My personal essays and LGBTQ travel writing highlight queer joy and liberation.

Creative writing: I write essays and novels that center LGBTQ characters and experiences. My creative writing highlights the systemic barriers holding queer people back from full liberation and holds space for queer joy. Read my published work.

Freelance writing: I do reported and service food writing, travel writing, personal finance writing, and cover LGBTQ topics. I also work with select companies who want to create truly inclusive content. View selected clips in these areas.

Resources for writers: I build resources and hold space for marginalized creators. My goal with this work is to reduce systemic barriers, build equity and empower writers who are underrepresented. Explore my free and paid resources.

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