Networking for introverts in a small group.

Conference Networking for Introverts – 5 Ways I Cope

certain level of enthusiasm until the real deal takes over, because I’ve gotten over the dread that accompanies small talk with strangers and am enjoying the experience (at least, as much as I can – it’s never going to be my favorite thing and that’s totally fine). Here are five of the ways I cope with conference networking as an introvert.

Street art reading "stay funky" summarizing lessons from Steal Like an Artist

7 Lessons for Writers From Steal Like an Artist

Yes, it’s great to get poems published, or have your manuscript requested by an agent, or receive praise from peers in your writing workshop. That recognition can keep you going through the tough times. But as long as you look for validation from external sources, you’re never going to fully trust your creativity. Do your work because you value it.

Three people laughing and talking.

5 Quick Fixes for Bad Dialogue

Dialogue is one of those elements that can make or break your story. It’s also one of those things that it’s really hard to get right….in part because many writers don’t know (or won’t hear) they are getting it wrong.