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Start Where You Are This Holiday Season

For a long time, I tried to act as if–but swallowing my true feelings and putting on a happy face wasn’t fooling anyone and it wasn’t allowing me to connect to my friends and family and start something new. I stopped faking the Christmas spirit and decide instead to start where I was, setting up boundaries that protected my needs and honoring my feelings.

Black Lives Matter protest marchers.

How to Be an Ally: Seven Steps to Stand Up for Marginalized Communities

When someone goes to you with a complaint, they want to be heard. They also want to know how things will change, but being heard comes first. So let them know you heard them. This can be as simple as thanking them for bringing the incident to your attention. You can say, “I hear you. Thanks for letting me know.”

Networking for introverts in a small group.

Conference Networking for Introverts – 5 Ways I Cope

certain level of enthusiasm until the real deal takes over, because I’ve gotten over the dread that accompanies small talk with strangers and am enjoying the experience (at least, as much as I can – it’s never going to be my favorite thing and that’s totally fine). Here are five of the ways I cope with conference networking as an introvert.