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How to Get Media Attention For Your Art – a Workbook for Marginalized Creatives:

Get more attention for your art by using podcasts and journalists. This workbook is packed with templates you can borrow to pitch your writing and your story to podcast hosts, journalists, bloggers and via op-eds and essays. You’ll learn how to connect your art to your broader message, how to pitch your brand or personal story to podcasts, “do’s and don’ts” of working with the media, AND how this brings more attention to your art and $$$ n your pocket. The workbook is packed with examples and includes action steps and email templates so you can start reaching out online right away.

How to Get More Press Mentions: 60-Minute Consultation

Workbooks aren’t for everyone. If you’d rather go deep with a personalized consult, I’m here to help. We’ll talk about your message, your uniqueness, who you can help and why you’re called to share. We will identify and clarify your message, hone your zone of expertise, and develop a personalized strategy to get more press mentions for your business. Leave with a comprehensive strategy, feeling good about getting your message out there.

Price: $133

How to book: Pay via PayPal or Venmo then email me to schedule.

Personalized Writing Advice: 60-Minute Consultation

Book a one-hour consultation with me to discuss any aspect of your writing carer and get a personalized solution or strategy. We can also use the time to go over a grant or writers residency application, edit pitches or query letters and synopses, or strategize about building a sustainable freelance career.

Price: $133

How to book: Pay via PayPal or Venmo then email me to schedule.

Free Resources

My most loved resources in one convenient place.

Writing Submission Strategy Guide: This free guide breaks down the submission process to help writers get organized and be more consistent in submitting their work to literary journals and magazines.

Literary Journals, Contests & Writing Opps Tracker: The system I use to keep track of lit mags as well as contents, fellowships, grants, and other opportunities. Make a copy and edit to add your own opportunities.

Creatives Making Time for Their Art Newsletter: If you want to build better writing habits, stick with a big project, or get support in writing and sending out your work, I think you’ll like these updates. Subscribers have early access to free resources for writers, discount codes for workbooks and consults, and other perks. Connecting with other writers inspires me to write and motivates me to give back to the writing community, so hit the subscribe button and let me know what you’d like to learn. Your art is worthy, and I am so excited to see more of it in the world.

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