LGBTQ Content Hub

LGBTQ Experiences: a Resource and Data Content Hub for Writers

Man holding LGBTQ pride flag


This is a resource library designed to help those writing about the LGBTQ community better understand this audience.

What you’ll find here:

  • Data and statistics that reflect LGBTQ experiences
  • Quotes from LGBTQ individuals about their identity and experiences
  • LGBTQ style guides and other resources to help those writing about us better understand and tell our stories

If you have something that would fit in here, you’re welcome to contact me so long as it fits the guidelines above

I developed this to help writers and brands better understand LGBTQ communities and find data and statistics that reflect the LGBTQ experience. I am a queer writer covering LGBTQ travel, LGBTQ personal finance, and the rural queer experience.

Explore the LGBTQ Content Hub

LGBTQ Coming Out: Data and Coming Out Stories

A data deep dive on gender and sexuality statistics in the US, FAQ about coming out, and what to do if someone comes out to you. This includes 16 quotes on coming out as LGBTQ from people who identify as gay, lesbian, queer, pansexual, bisexual, and nonbinary.

LGBTQ Inclusive Language for Diversifying Media Representation

Three tips for writers on working with LGBTQ sources, including historical LGBTQ media representation challenges, inclusive language, and diversifying sources in non-issue stories that impact LGBTQ lives.