Stuck in Revision Purgatory: 5 Steps to Get Your Novel Rolling Again

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You’ve finished that marathon draft of your work in progress. Now comes the editing slog.

You know the areas that need work, but staring at the document flummoxes you. Overthinking sets in. Resistance creeps up. Suddenly, that whole passionate work of possibility seems…impossible.

Get out of revision purgatory with these 5 editing tips.

My 6 favorite writing craft books for fiction and nonfiction authors đź“š

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Everywhere, it seems like someone is telling you how to write better/faster/more.

In a crowded marketplace, how do you know which craft book is the one you need?

IMO, it’s the one that is going to solve your particular writing problem.

I’ve rounded up 6 of my favorite craft books and who I think they’re helpful for.

7 Lessons for Writers From Steal Like an Artist

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Yes, it’s great to get poems published, or have your manuscript requested by an agent, or receive praise from peers in your writing workshop. That recognition can keep you going through the tough times. But as long as you look for validation from external sources, you’re never going to fully trust your creativity. Do your work because you value it.