Special projects

Miscellaneous writing-related projects: 

Queer Adventurers

An LGBTQ travel blog aimed at queer outdoor adventure travelers. 

Queer Adventurers is an outdoor travel blog for LGBTQIA folks. While I use LGBTQ and queer interchangeably on the blog, please know that however you identify under the rainbow umbrella, I see you, I appreciate you, I respect you, and I’m working to make travel more equitable – and joyful – for all LGBTQIA people.

How to Get Press For Your Creative Business

A workbook for creative business owners on getting press for their ventures. Developed in response to a panel I presented for the New York Small Business Development Center, this workbook covers blogging, podcasts, press mentions, and working with journalists and includes customizable templates to help creatives amplify their messages. Click to buy.

I created this guide to help more women, queer, and BIPOC creatives get media attention for their businesses. In this PDF, you will learn how to get more press for yourself or your business by leveraging your expertise to get on podcasts and be quoted by journalists. You’ll learn how to pitch your brand or personal story to podcasts hosts and journalists and “do’s and don’ts” of working with journalists and podcast hosts. You’ll also get email templates for pitching yourself as an expert, so you can start reaching out online right away.

More Than Setting: How Place Brings Meaning to Our Work, 2022: 

A 90-minute generative writing workshop I taught for the ASU Piper Center and Phoenix College, with a focus on using travel writing to understand how writers describe places, what a setting can mean, and how it transforms writer and reader. This workshop is designed to strengthen descriptive skills and attention to detail while offering writers new ways to conceptualize, research, and write both real and imagined places. Reach out to be the first to know the next time I offer this workshop.

Queer Homesteading in the Hudson Valley, 2021: 

A grant-funded oral history essay project, where I interviewed rural queer people in the Hudson Valley and wove their stories of home-making into a braided personal essay. Oral history transcripts + video content forthcoming.

LGBTQ Content Hub, 2021: 

A resource library designed to help those writing about the LGBTQ community better understand this audience. Currently, this section covers the LGBT coming out experience with statistics and quotes from LGBTQ individuals on why coming out matters. Explore the LGBTQ experience and read LGBTQ coming-out stories.